Nudespice Recipes of the week #3

October 18, 2016

Nudespice Recipes of the week #3

Each week we try to feature some of the best recipes by our customers, not all of our recipes are #vegan but the spices themselves are vegan friendly. Here are a few of our favourites.

Recipe #1

Sally (@nevermindtheburpees) has made this amazing quick stuffed pepper using our Seasonings and it looks delicious. She's used ground pork in her bolognese mix but this could quite easily be replaced by a mix of veggies... Mushrooms maybe some aubergine and it would be just as tasty :)

Recipe #2

Lauren (@healthylivinglauren) has made a chicken curry using our Hot & Tangy Seasoning and served it with a cheesy baked potato and salad. It looks delicious and its great to see our seasonings been used as part of a sauce!

Recipe #3

Ashleigh (@balancednotclean) has made these delicious looking chicken salad tacos with a touch of our Spice & All Seasoning. Another great idea, she added cream cheese also but maybe add some avocado or homemade guac if dairy is a problem :)

Recipe #4

Our last recipe of the week is by Sophie (@soph_on_a_mission) and she has used our Heady & Herby Seasoning on a piece of baked salmon (we've tried this ourselves and without blowing our own trumpets this is one of the tastiest combinations) with asparagus, tender stem broccoli and sweet pot wedges! We love sweet potato wedges, especially with a bit of Sweet & Smoky Seasoning...

Hey #fitfam, hope you all had a lovely weekend, sadly I've been working most of mine but that has really helped me with getting back on track with #healthyeating. Dinner when I got home from work was a salmon fillet and sweet potato wedges seasoned with @nudespice heady and herby spice mix, tenderstem broccoli and asparagus. May have gone a little overboard with the wedges but I'm hoping a larger portion will stop too much Sunday evening snacking! This week I'm going to put 110% into my week 4 #sweatbelieveroar workouts and I want to stay strong with eating well, so I think I might go back to calorie counting or even try macro counting? What do you guys think? I have some exciting plans coming up soon so I really want to focus on reaching my body fat % goal by then, so my Sunday motivation is high! Hope yours is too! #dinner #healthy #salmon #strongnotskinny #girlgains #weightloss #healthyfood #eatclean #nudespice #onplan #cleaneating #motivated #yum #homemade #homecooking #iwantabs #tasty #fitfood

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Thanks again to everyone for sending us their Nudespice recipes it's great to see such delicious dishes been created! If you have a recipe that you want to share or feature on our site then get in touch or tag us on your Twitter and Instagram posts.